What about this new update!? || Conan Exiles Gameplay || #9

It is time we see what all the fuss about this new update is all about. new dungeon. new pet system. werewolves. eating flesh.

First of all we have a thief on the server and this is not something I like to hear about considering this is not that kind of server. but then we meet up with some friends and take on the new dungeon, Midnight Grove. after we handle that and eat a bit of some tasty flesh. We acquire the ability to make what we need to tame some new pets.

but before all that, it is time we visit conan in the bar, hang out and dance with some friends, and run screaming down the road with our hands in the air…

Oh, we get some thralls and stuff too…

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Intro and Outro Details:

Created By ► Xogue

Music Used:
Tobu — Reflection