Let’s Play Spirit Animal Survival! Let’s try out an epic mount, and survive in this new land.

🐯Spirit Animal Survival is still in Early Access and is being developed by a team of three devs.

🐺Find out about this new game! https://store.steampowered.com/app/745810/

Spirit Animal Survival is a massive Open World Multiplayer with a unique story.
It has a very complex game mechanic where the player is able not only to build and craft but also has the opportunity to morph into different animal forms during the game play and dangerous monster encounters. You are surrounded by a living and breathing world faced with many challenges ahead be it on the main land, ocean or one of the many instances such as dungeons and caves and parallel worlds.

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1. Keep the chat to the topic/game. Leave drama at the door.
2. No NSFW content. Please keep this chat PG-13! This includes sexual content, gore, or illegal substances.
3. Do not spoil games that are currently being played on the stream unless it has been stated that it’s okay.
4. No bullying, harassment, racism, or anything of the sort. No SPAMMING.
5. Moderator word is final. ONE warning and if unwanted behaviour or incessant meaningless chatter continues you will be kicked. No excuses.
6. Please respect the streamer and others if you ask a question, they have the right not to answer.

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