Special stream at the Arena on the Shaytopia server, with the Shayngels! Competitions and Battles abound!

If you would like to join the server you can get instant access by signing up to be a patron or a sponsor on YT. The server is password protected. It is PvE with drop loot on death disabled, and purges set to 4. Everyone on the server has tonnes of fun just goofing around.
If you can’t do Patreon then join the Discord Friends to find out how you can join the server!

Mods on this server:

Shaytopia Server Settings:
Harvest rates 4x
Drop loot on death DISABLED

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1. Keep the chat to the topic/game. Leave drama at the door.
2. No NSFW content. Please keep this chat PG-13! This includes sexual content, gore, or illegal substances.
3. Do not spoil games that are currently being played on the stream unless it has been stated that it’s okay.
4. No bullying, harassment, racism, or anything of the sort. No SPAMMING.
5. Moderator word is final. ONE warning and if unwanted behaviour or incessant meaningless chatter continues you will be kicked. No excuses.
6. Please respect the streamer and others if you ask a question, they have the right not to answer.