Magic Arena | Mono Red Frenzy Burn | Budget Decks

Today we’re featuring a budget deck that really doesn’t care much about what your opponent is doing, you’re just sending damage to face.

Import Decklist:
4 Shock (M19) 156
22 Mountain (RIX) 195
4 Electrostatic Field (GRN) 97
4 Lightning Strike (XLN) 149
4 Guttersnipe (M19) 145
3 Risk Factor (GRN) 113
4 Wizard’s Lightning (DAR) 152
4 Ghitu Lavarunner (DAR) 127
4 Viashino Pyromancer (M19) 166
2 Banefire (M19) 130
1 Vance’s Blasting Cannons (XLN) 173
2 Experimental Frenzy (GRN) 99
1 Lava Coil (GRN) 108
1 Direct Current (GRN) 96

Magic Arena is a free to play card game on PC based on the card game MtG Magic: the Gathering.

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