IRONMAN CHALLENGE – Empyrion Galactic Survival #5

Ok do I look like I’m ready to take this thing on WITHOUT dying?
Yep… 🙄

Welcome to the Ironman Challenge Season 6!
Starting the series off with the rules and the other participants, then straight in to establish a place to call home.
How long will I survive? Bets are on!

YouTubers participating in this challenge:
⭐Captain Adonis
⭐Lift Pizzas
⭐Zanfen GMR
⭐Grandpa’s Gaming
⭐Inverted Cow
⭐Ben the Gentleman Gaming Co.
⭐Captain Combat

If you can post videos and want to participate in future seasons, go to and tell Capt Adonis you want to join in. If you want to play offline (off-camera) and unofficially, just for fun, you can do so too! See the rules below.

1. Last person standing wins.
2. When you die from anything, your done with competition
3. You cannot attack enemy poi unless it is the weekly mission
4. Weekly mission – attack enemy POI
5. You cannot leave the starting system
6. Single player game and with the same seed and starting perimeters


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