CRADLE – Sci-Fi Puzzle Game (STREAM) #3

Something a little different!
A sci-fi exploration game set in year 2076, Mongolia. You wake up in a yurt amidst the boundless steppes. You neither remember your name, nor are aware of how long you had slept. Who are you? Who is this mechanical girl sitting on the table and what is the number she has on her chest? Nearby there towers the dome of a neglected entertainment park. How did it appear in these desert lands? What has happened here? Look around and try to sort things out. You are to begin on a peculiar and a touching story.

“Smart, subtle and sinister, Cradle is a wonderful work of science fiction that doesn’t quite fit inside the space Flying Cafe have designed for it.”

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1. Keep the chat to the topic/game. Leave drama at the door.
2. No NSFW content. Please keep this chat PG-13! This includes sexual content, gore, or illegal substances.
3. Do not spoil games that are currently being played on the stream unless it has been stated that it’s okay.
4. No bullying, harassment, racism, or anything of the sort. No SPAMMING.
5. Moderator word is final. ONE warning and if unwanted behaviour or incessant meaningless chatter continues you will be kicked. No excuses.
6. Please respect the streamer and others if you ask a question, they have the right not to answer.

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