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Our very own Minecraft 1.9 modpack!

Smooth Operator

An amazing 256×256 Resource Pack for Minecraft by our very own FiftyWalrus.

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What we do

Be it Minecraft or another game, Ryotcrafters just want to have fun and bring you along with us.
We love creating entertaining content for you, our fans.

We are builders. We are explorers. We are Daredevils and Caregivers. We are many things in the games we play, but we are entertainers above all. We love to bring you along on all of our journeys. From our inventions in Minecraft to dinosaur taming in Ark, from city planning in Cities Skylines to rebelling in Just Cause 3. No matter what we do with the characters we play, we want you to join us in the fun we have!

Ryotcraft is a team of gamers dedicated to bringing you everything we have to offer, and we throw our best into every video we make and every stream we publish. We do this to show our thanks and appreciation for the support our viewers give us. We love to interact with viewers through comments, messages, and tweets. Feel free to talk, we will talk back.

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Who we are

We are Ryotcraft, some of the most talented folks around (at least we think so).
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Hello everybody! My name is Avalon! I enjoy playing video games and being either really bad at them or even worse! Either way, we will have an awesome journey and hopefully continue to move on :)
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I thought it would be fun for a complete noob who has no clue to take people on a journey, to remind them when they were noobs too!
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I enjoy playing vanilla and modded Minecraft and think it would be fun to have some people along for the ride. Sometimes I play other games and may also post game play from those.
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TimeTraveller, Kamica and Unilterally play a bunch of games! Home of MultiSingle Player, A.R.G.O.S and Do You Want To Play A Game?
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Welcome Friends to the Clobberstomp channel. I hope you all enjoy my content I produce for your faces.
Thanks for all the support Everyone, PEEEEEACE!!!
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The Clumsy Geek

In this channel I post gameplay videos: let’s plays, let’s builds, tutorials, quick tips, everything!
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Hello ladys and Gentlemen! Its Darzeth here. I am a hyper Lets Player that does… YES you guessed it gaming videos!
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HEY GUYS, I’m DA SHRIMP TACO Here you will find kid friendly gaming videos. Mostly Minecraft but I occasionally throw in a random game here and there
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I am a man with a plan who enjoys playing games, making videos, and having a good time but importantly give my viewers a great time!!! :D
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This is my Chilling house, come in…sit back and enjoy :D
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This is a channel full of nonsense
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I stream Minecraft on Twitch.TV/FiftyWalrus and do some art: DeviantArt
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Gallant Gaming

I upload HD gaming videos of xbox one and pc gameplay frequently. Tutorials, walkthroughs, or just for fun. If you learned something or giggled, my job here is done.
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Grey Haired Gamer

I have grey hair. I play games. Sometimes, I even record them.
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My name is Matthew Ojeda, this is my Youtube Channel, where I post videos of games like League of Legends, Minecraft, and FIFA. Trying to start a schedule for videos, but am really busy with life as a young 20 something.
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Hey, hey everyone! My name is Matt (aka mcribbs) and here you’ll find me playing mostly Vanilla and modded Minecraft (Feed the Beast aka FTB) and hoping a few people like what I get up to.
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I am a 23 year old YouTube content creator who lives in California and has a love for Minecraft. Subscribe for videos of video games such as Minecraft, The Forest, and more!
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Hey, hey hello everybody! I am a young, possibly crazy, minecraft youtuber and I am trying to improve my film skills and make a few bucks to help me get through Vancouver Film School.
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I’ve been gaming since the day i was born and won’t be stopping anytime soon. Im going to try my hardest to put out high quality videos that you can enjoy. I hope you enjoy and come back for more.
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One Handy Andy

I enjoy playing games and entertaining the people who watch me :-) Go follow me on Twitch!
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Gidday I’m Shai! I’m a kiwi gamer girl from New Zealand and I play Games. Always looking for new ones to try. I also dabble in a bit of photography, video editing and vlogging.
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I’m a Minecrafter, Redstoner, Father and all around Derp.
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I’m having a lot of fun recording; it makes playing a lot more fun. Stick around and let me know what you think; I hope you enjoy.
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Playing games in a manly way.
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Modded Minecraft, Ark: Survival Evolved, Just Cause 3…

Several Games, Much Fun, Every Day Uploads! Check It Out!

Screenshots, fan art (we LOVE fan art!)...

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